Should @leofinance Create Language Specific Front Ends?

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This is an idea I have thought about briefly. It made a lot of sense to me and now I'm asking the community what they think about this. Although I specifically mentioned front end, this could be relevant for any other popular front end like @ecency @peakd etc. or front ends on BLURT.

This is not some revolutionary idea. You must have come across this on many multi-lingual websites. This is something we could implement on HIVE, BLURT etc.

Separate Language Tags Needed

I was checking for some statistics out of curiosity and came across this:

There are many those who don't speak English in these countries. If there was a way to easily separate pages for them (eg: and have authors specifically tag the language (eg: #leo-spanish) we could have some solid moves here. The competition is toughest in English. Focusing on other popular languages in crypto friendly regions could be an important step for @leofinance

@leofinance has been an excellent testing ground for many ideas. If this works out, we could have this implemented on other front ends. The entire blockchain ecosystem can reap the benefits.

I am not a web developer and therefore not very familiar with the complexity and resource consumption of creating these multi-lingual front ends. If it is not something that would take too many resources, I would love to see it in action while I spend my hours on the blockchain.

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