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You Have A Chance To invest Into Untamed Packs At 22% - Are You Going Using It?

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I'm always on the lookout for the best deal and I have previously shared many investing/ arbitrage opportunities to get the best out of @steemmonsters and several other DAPPs. This is another one of those opportunities.

Some Updates Came Few Hours Ago

> In order to mitigate any potential negative effects on the market price of DEC - since people who previously were forced to purchase through the market to buy potions now have another option - we will also be setting the price of Untamed booster packs at a fixed rate of 2000 DEC / pack, regardless of the price for which DEC is trading on the markets.

Compare The Normal DEC Exchange Rate

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Maybe...... (50.0%) 6 / 12
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Absolutely Yes! (25.0%) 3 / 12
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I Don't Buy Packs. I Earn reward Cards (16.67%) 2 / 12
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I Don't Play @steemmonsters (8.33%) 1 / 12
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