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Dpoll 40: Who should pay for repairing the roads?

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Driving a car is expensive.

I wish I could do without one and hope I can in a few years. It is not only the yearly test that costs money but a car insurance is needed and I have to pay road tax. In the Netherlands you pay road tax if you own a car. It does not matter where you drive it, how many kilometers/miles you drive or if you only need it an hour a month or 8 hours a day.

Road tax should be used for the roads but the biggest part is spent on something else. The amount you pay depends on how big/heavy your car is but also where you live. Not each Provence pays the same. Roads are not only used by cars. People walj,bicycle, use their electric- and motorbikes, tractor and horseson it.

Public transport in the country is not as good as in the cities or the west part of the country. Frequently you need a car. The roads are bad where I live. This means big holes and driving in the dark. No investment in streetlights. It somehow annoys me that the money we pay is never used to repair our roads. It damages cars and many accidents happen because people drive in the middle (the best part) to save their car and those on bikes do the same. If you drive at the right/left your car nearly falls apart and your kidneys hurt.

Why are the best roads always in the west, in big cities and the rest of the tax payers live in the middle ages? I pay road tax too and the damaged road is not because I drive a big car or too much but it does giveme extra costs. Is a normal road too much asked?

If I go abroad I need to pay road tax for the use of certain highways or tunnels. Foreigners do not need to pay road tax if they visit the Netherlands. The Dutch car owner pays for all roads, stoops, the foreigners passing by/visiting, the trucks, etc. pay nothing.

In the past plans were made to change our road tax system. Which system is the best? Everyone pays for certain roads / tunnels, car owners pay road tax, everyone pays tax for taking care of stoops, roads, bicycle roads, etc, you pay over the amount of kilometers you drive, for the weight of your vehicle or?

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The city / provence (52.17%) 12 / 23
52.17% Complete (success)
Car owners only (17.39%) 4 / 23
17.39% Complete (success)
Everyone (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
Pay for the kilometers you drive with your vehicle no matter what kind. (8.7%) 2 / 23
8.7% Complete (success)
Those who use a certain road / tunnel (4.35%) 1 / 23
4.35% Complete (success)
Other,... (please share possibilities or how it works in your country) (4.35%) 1 / 23
4.35% Complete (success)

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