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Is the Steem blockchain doomed by its own users?

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Probably only a few people will read this completely, but I still take the time and effort to write this down: So, what I am talking about? See this post by @penguinpablo, and the comments under it.

Please, tell me/us in the comments what do you think about this? Do you agree that the Steem blockchain is doomed by its own users? That they (we) need to change their (our) behaviors, otherwise the Steem blockchain will be wiped out soon?

Let me quote a part from this comment of mine: "There are 59 675 posts in the first week of 2020, but the average number of comments is only 3.38."

Why? So many blog posts, but so few comments.

Why are the people doing this, if not because of the selfishness and greed? If they can take time (sometimes many hours) to write blog posts, why cannot they take time to write/answer comments under other people's posts? Why people cannot use this platform NATURALLY, like they use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites?

image_8-ways-to-spot-greedy-people.jpg Image source: https://www.franksonnenbergonline.com.

This behavior will not attract new ACTIVE users, especially not investors.

Some people talk about that the Steem will HOPEFULLY reach $1 USD again in 2020. I used to agree with that for some time. But now I say that they are currently waiting for the "cooked pigeon" without doing anything good for that goal. I say that Steem will reach $0.01 USD soon, if the users will not change their selfish and greedy behavior. The active users will disappear slowly.

Actually, they are already disappearing. The goal would be to stop and reverse this by starting interacting with others, instead of making hundreds of thousands of blog posts without seeing/reading (and commenting under) other people's blog posts.

Maybe there should be contests/challenges to comment under other people's blog posts.

Of course, I do not want to force anyone in any way to interact with me, nor with anyone else on the Steem blockchain.

Not even myself to interact with others. Nowadays I rarely post, and I also rarely comment on the Steem blockchain, so nowadays I am not so active on the Steem blockchain. Mainly because of my disappointment in the majority of the users.

I would like to have natural, real human interaction on the platform, but if you do not want to interact with others on the platform, fine. But then do not expect good future for the Steem blockchain (and especially not good values for Steem) in the future either. Many people are left and many people (including me) will leave the Steem blockchain.

I have already left the Steem blockchain multiple times, but I have always returned to it so far. Nowadays I am seriously considering leaving the Steem blockchain permanently.

Do not focus on money making. Do not focus on the price of Steem. Do not be selfish. Do not be greedy.

Focus on using the platform naturally/properly, and the above mentioned things will come with that soon. Continue focusing on money making and on the price of Steem, and the whole platform will continue to slowly lose its active users, and the price of the Steem will continue to decrease. The whole Steem blockchain will become a ghost town.

Check this statistics. Nowadays the number of the daily active users is only 25-31 000. The number of the registered Steem accounts is 1.3 million. If you check this statistics, you can see that the number of the daily active users was around 33-38 000 in the October of 2019. This statistics shows that it was around 38-40 000 in the September of 2019. And it was even more before that. For example, based on this statistics, it was around 40-43 000 in the July and in the August of 2019. And, based on this statistics, it was even more (around 44-46 000) in the June of 2019. This speaks for itself.

Just for the fact: Nowadays Steem is around $0.11 USD and $0.13 USD. It is very far from $1 USD.

The price is mainly depending on the activity of the users. But there will not be any value soon, if the active users are/will disappear(ing) slowly. In this case the slowly means losing THOUSANDS of daily active users almost every month. You can see it in the above linked (and in other) statistics.

We should make Steem valuable by using the platform naturally/properly. See a YouTube video for example. Even the smaller YouTubers in my country (Hungary) get dozens of comments, which are often funny and/or useful/helpful.

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